Fall Senior Portraits

Fall is probably my most favorite season of the year! Now that it is just around the corner, its time to put away those summery clothes and pull on those cozy sweaters. When choosing what to wear for your senior portraits, its important that you layer clothing and accessories. It adds texture and dimension to your pictures. There is so much possibility with textures and colors. Pinterest & Polyvore are both great sources to finding clothing ideas for your pictures. As always, I send suggestions but if you do a bit of searching on your own, you can find some great examples of outfit layouts. Clothing can really make a picture stand out from the rest. Instead of wearing a plain and simple shirt, dress it up with a scarf earrings and some tall boots. If you have any questions about what to wear or would like more ideas for your senior session, feel free to contact me!

Sacramento and Rocklin Senior Portrait Photographer What to Wear Ideas


BFF Senior Sessions! {Rocklin, Loomis, Roseville, and More}

Okay girls, it’s your last year in high school and you will soon be heading off in different directions to college. The clock is counting down before you graduate! How fun would it be to capture some best friend photos of you and your best friend (or two)? You can look back and remember the fun times you had and all those silly inside jokes.

I am offering BFF Senior Sessions (for a limited time) where you can get some great shots together and some individual poses of each person. Go ahead and be creative! Bring a prop, or dress up in your spirit clothes, or wear something trendy! Lets have fun with it!

BBF- Senior Portraits-Jessica Feely-Photography

If you split the price between you and your bestie then you are saving hundreds of dollars!

Total Price of a BFF Session is $500 + tax/shipping. (Divide that by 2 and you’ve saved a bundle!)

What is included in this BFF Special Session:

-Gorgeous photos of you and a best friend together!

-1.5 hours of shooting time at a pretty location.

-Two outfits each. Go crazy, or wear something that is you.

-EACH girl gets (1) 8×10, (1) 5×7 (1) 4×6  and 16 wallets.

-Plus web images of your prints to share on facebook and instagram.

All of the ordering is done online and orders will be shipped directly to your home.

*Up to 2 seniors allowed per shoot. Add an additional 3rd person for $250.



Del Oro Senior | Ballet Beauty

I wanted to post a sneak peek of a recent session I had with this sweet girl from Del Oro High School. She came to me for her senior portraits and I was thrilled to find out that she was a ballet dancer. Not only was it ballet though, she specifically did point where they do everything on the very tip of their toes in these shoes (first image). It is such a hard talent, and takes much discipline and practice. But in the end, it is so beautiful. We enjoyed doing her session in a beautiful field that complimented her style and outfits really well.

I will post more soon, but for now enjoy this ballet image of her standing on point on a box! 

Senior Portraits Sacramento


The Portfolio Building & Shooting Experience

I have gotten many requests over the last year to offer something not only to photographers outside my area, but those IN the Sacramento Area as well. I have come up with a new program that will help give you an experience that will in turn build your business.

 I know how hard it can be when you are somewhere in the first stages of your business and you need to build up your portfolio. It can be hard to find seniors, or any subject that fits the “brand and style” that you’d like your clients to have. When you show images that represent your brand, you are showing future clients how they should dress and how they will look. If you want clients that dress cute, get their makeup and hair professionally done, you need to show that in your portfolio so you can attract those same clients who want those same things. This is called building your brand, and it is very important to start early on.

This is where I come in. I will provide the subjects (whether it be seniors, an engaged couple, a family, etc) and the setup. Everything will be ready and waiting for you to be there.

What is the Portfolio Building & Shooting Experience?

You will have the opportunity to shoot the subjects by yourself to get as many pictures as you’d like. This includes any outfit changes and different looks so you can have a complete set. (Usually applies to seniors).
You can request to have me shoot so you can watch how I interact and work with the subject. This is all about YOU and your business and I am not there to build my portfolio, but help you with yours.
I also will show you different lighting scenarios and how you can see the light to best flatter your clients skin.
If you need help with manual settings or using your camera.
Moving and posing subjects so you can have a variety of shots to offer clients and to help the subject feel natural.
Everything I do at a session, I will go over and show you.



What do you walk away with?

The confidence to do future shoots like this again for your clients.
A beautiful portfolio showing your skills as a photographer.
The knowledge  of conducting a session and using your camera to its potential.
Learning correct exposure and working with natural light (including reflectors and sunflare).




What is the cost? 
The cost is $450.

How long does this experience last?
It will be approximately 2.5-3 hours, but in some cases could be longer.

What forms of payment do you accept?
I accept check, paypal, or credit cards.

Is there a deposit?
Yes. The deposit is non-refundable to hold your date and it is $200.

 If I want to bring a friend for 2:1 mentoring, do you offer a discount?
Yes, you each receive a $100 discount.

Who can sign up for this Experience?
Anyone. There are no restrictions on locations or distances.

What do I bring?
-Camera, Bag, Lenses, Reflector and any other important gear
-Notebook and pen
-Comfy clothes and shoes

If I have more questions, where can I contact you?
Feel free to email me at info@jessicafeely.com  or you can find me on facebook.


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